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iSellmobile_MARCH 2016 9 MYSTIC GREG Your supernatural store advisor ARIES This month marks the beginning of one of the biggest challenges of hotter months – Sweaty customers. Expect swampy handshakes, damp patches the size of your fist and the unmistakeable smell of well matured perspiration. Better stock up on hand sanitizer and air freshener... TAURUS The movement of Jupiter brings a chance to be noticed in store for an incredible feat of heroism, like cleaning the staff loo or calling out a customer who says their screen “just cracked on its own”. GEMINI Aligning in-store auras creates a fierce sense of comradery throughout your team which will be visible to all your customers, especially once the matching facial tattoos are completed. CANCER Expect a visit from someone who’s not who they say they are this month, the much feared secret shopper. Be dubious of anybody wearing a really naff tie or a handbag wielded like a box of bricks, unless of course your store is in Basingstoke, in which case that pretty much describes everybody. LEO This month brings an opportunity for you to have a serious impact on a colleague’s career by supporting them in Shop Idol. Go to shopidol to fulfil your retail destiny. VIRGO This month the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” could have a strong effect on your life. Test it by considering how you feel about things you haven’t seen for a long time in store, like Crocs, mullets and HTC trainers. LIBRA A task of great difficulty falls on you during this lunar cycle when you are given the job of finding out when the staff room was last cleaned. As you delve into the layers of outdated promotional material, count the festive season ones as you’d count the rings of a tree. SCORPIO Ingenuity is the aim of the game if you want to beat your rivals. Pop over to Halfords for paint cans, spray your stock and voila! You’ve got some exclusive colour handsets. SAGITTARIUS With the passing of Saturn comes the chance to show off your product knowledge to an equally clued up customer. Be careful not to overdo it though, if you see their eyes darting about like a ball at the back of a pinball table, you’ve gone too far. CAPRICORN With the recent additions to your store team, it may be worth testing their competitive edge this month. Why not try a gladiator style event, simply tape bubble wrap on either end of a selfie stick and stand on the display tables. AQUARIUS The planetary energies are forecasting hassle, and lots of it. If you may wish to keep to yourself today, build a fort out of shelving units in the staff room and hide in it for as long as possible. PISCIES If you want to get ahead this month in store, you’re going to have to make sacrifices. Start with a small goat and if that doesn’t work, build your way up to your team’s rookie.

iSellmobile_MARCH 2016
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