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iSellmobile_MARCH 2016 14 GREATEST ACCESSORIES “Zagg Invisible Shields... Couldn’t live without one, lifetime guarantee, no scuffs or scratches on my screen after hours on end of words with friends!” Luke Murfitt, Carphone Warehouse, Ely “Google Cardboard – cheap, easy to use and great for anyone no matter what device they own. With so many companies bleating on about their VR headsets it’s easy to forget that Google was well ahead of the game and made the experience available to everyone without having to buy an expensive headset.” Simon Ring, Geek Squad Carphone Warehouse, Southampton “Kitsound cube speaker. Small enough for a hand bag, loud enough for an impromptu party. Great for anyone that loves to play music on their phone wherever they are.” Sarah Young, Tesco Phone Shop, Amesbury “I love my SELFIE STICK, as it helps me to make photos of myself with my kids and it also doubles up as a handy stand when watching videos, or a steady monopod when recording videos.” Bradley Hadwick, Three, Bognor Regis “I love my Sony MDR10 wireless headphones the music is crystal clear and top notch – it’s great for music lovers on the go!” Chris Harner, Virgin Media, Stockport Have your view in next month’s iSellMobile Magazine. email and tell us about your favourite wearable for your chance to win a £10 Google Play voucher

iSellmobile_MARCH 2016
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